Rebirth of a Supermodel

Rebirth of a Supermodel

Autor: Mo Chen Huan


Página: / Eng


Caps: 237 tra

Estatus: 237+ extras complete / 120


In his past life, Ming Yu struggled in the European and United States fashion circles, eventually becoming the well deserved king of the catwalk.

After dying from a serious illness and being reborn, Ming Yu was surprised to find:

Huaxia stars shone brightly, there were successful names everywhere!

In this better world, on a more vigorous and brilliant stage, the first supermodel tries to reproduce the glory of another world!

Interviewer: May I ask Mr Xi, this year Ming Yu said he would surpass you. As the number one global supermodel, what is your opinion on this?

Xi Ze: This is a bad question. My family has very strict rules.

Home Owner Ming Yu: …….

The pair of black-hearted husbands will sweep the fashion industry, conquering the world.


Short Review:

Esta novela, a diferencia de Kill the Lights y True Star, no tiene ese elemento de acción/mafia, es más como Skip Beat, sobre el entretenimiento y como el MC slap a los que intentan oponerse a él, pero no de manera opresiva, sino como natural, smooth. El romance entre el MC y ML es exactamente así, smooth, suave (como se desarrolla), tipo “-con la mirada, porque ni siquiera dicen nada- Oye, me gustas, te gusto, hay una cama en mi habitación, piénsalo.” Incluso hay un flashazo de Girl Love como sub plot.