Playing the Victim.

Playing the Victim.

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Playing The Victims [BL]


Yun LiFan who used to look down from the top is now working like a slave just because she was dragged and bounded to this ridiculous system after waking up from her nap!

System:[Welcome host!from now on I will be at your service^_^]

Fahren’s death came as a surprise. Though, he can’t exactly recall how he died. All he does know, is that he woke up only to be thrust into another person’s life, or in this case, many people’s lives. His moderator ‘System’ doesn’t seem so happy with the decisions he made in his previous one, and can’t sum up where Fahren’s soul best belongs; so he has a little test for him.

Inhabit the bodies of those who have been stricken with injustices, right the wrongs and bring them peace. Sounds complicated enough without these victims being from worlds Fahren has only ever read about or seen on TV.

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Short Review:

Es muy entretenida, el amor es gradual, las misiones son interesantes, el MC es bastante intrigante, hay fluffy, no smut hasta ahora. HE, 1v1.