Impeccable [Villian] System

Impeccable [Villian] System

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Impeccable [Villain] System


[BL] Yunwoo is the author of an extremely popular novel titled “Promise of a Lifetime” and many other acclaimed novels.

However, he is infamous for his extremely sad and tragic endings, making many cry their hearts out.

Due to the tragic ending of a story, a devout reader hacked into his account and stalked Yunwoo to his house and killed him for the extremely bad ending.

“Shit, the death threats were real?”

Earlier, he had received a direct message that someone was coming to kill him.

However, he didn’t think it was real. After all, many readers kept commenting that they were preparing their knives to kill him.

‘If I had known it was a real threat, I would’ve at least made a happier ending!’ He cried as he was ruthlessly murdered.
However, instead of dying as he expected, he was tasked to become a “system.” Join Yunwoo as he makes his host OP~

Short Review:

La historia está interesante, no tengo muchas historias en donde el sistema sea el MC, ni donde sea tan villano por así decirlo, por lo que es un giro inesperado, el ML es el host y lo conoce desde niño, por lo que se crea una atadura emocional bastante fuerte de parte del ML, lo que es entre tierno y preocupante, porque de plano que el MC esta de lleno en hacerle la vida miserable a todos.